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I recently came across an article outlining the number of wedding and/or service professionals that the average bridal couple would seek out to enlist as they prepared for their wedding day and marriage. Now, if you’re like me you’ve just rattled off at least seven wedding/service related professionals with little or no effort: Wedding Coordinator/Consultat, Photographer, DJ/Entertainer, Caterer, Cake Designer, Florist, Limousine Service. Did I guess right?! Well guess what? You’re not done yet. In fact, it may surprise you to know that your wedding day and subsequent marriage will not only include the aforementioned professionals, but in total, there will be a minimum of 50 (yes I said 50!) other professionals/service providers/industries that will be directly impacted by your nuptials in your community alone. In total, the impact of your wedding dollars could potentially affect up to 90 other areas of business! Astounding isn’t it? Are you a bit curious as to whom those other businesses would be? We’ve pulled the article out of our archives and have included the list below:

Provider/Service Provider/Service Provider/Service
Airline Providers Engraving Companies Officiant/Pastor
Aisle Runners Favors Orchestra
Alterations Floral Designer Packaging Services
Antique Cars Floral Preservation Parking Attendants
Bakers Florist Personal Accessories
Balloon Artists Gift Registries Party Rental Suppliers
Bankers Golf Courses Persnalized Wine Bottles
Bartenders Gown Cleaning/Preservation Printers
Basket/Food Companies Gown Restoration Photographer
Bus Companies Gown Retailers Portable Toilets
Butterfly Releases Hair Stylists Realtor/Real Estate Agent
Cake Toppers Handbags Resorts
Calligraphers Horse and Buggy Rides Response Services
Candles/Candle Holders Hot Air Balloons Restaurant Equip. Rentals
Car Rental Companies Hotels Restaurants
Caterer House Cleaning Service Silk Flowers
Chamber Ensemble House Painter Septic Tank Cleaners
Children’s Attire Ice Sculptors Shoes
Chocolate Fountain Jeweler Sound System
Church Coordinators Invitation Supplier Theme Parks
Church Musicians Landscapers Tent Rentals
Cigar Shops Life Insurance Agent Travel Agents
Clergy Lighting Companies Tour Operators
Clowns Limousine Services Videographer
Clubs Linen Rentals Vocalist
Craft Stores Lingerie Veils
Cruise Companies Liquor Stores Web Sites
Dance Instructors Make-up Artists Wedding Accessories
Department Stores Massage Specialists Women’s Attire Shops
DJ Men’s Formalwear Rentals Yachts
Dove Release Mortgage Banker/Company

As you review the list, ask yourself whether or not you and your fiancee had any of these cross your minds, let alone discussed the options. Keep in mind that some of the business types or services may seem like they are repeating or that some are one in the same, but there IS a difference. A baker is not the same as a cake designer. One is trained in a craft, while the other specializes and is focused within the craft. Think of it this way; a Jetta, a Jeep and a Hummer are all cars, while the Jeep and the Hummer are both SUV’s; but a Jeep IS NOT a Hummer; nor does it possess the special features and traits of a Hummer. If it did, it would be called a Jeep. Enough said.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed yet? Who wouldn’t be?! Did you, after reviewing the list, realize that there’s more to this wedding planning thing then you first thought? Have no worry, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 619.521.1806, email us at or subscribe to our blog. We’d be happy to, at the very least, answer any questions that might be haunting you. Better yet, why not let us guide you through the labryinth of your wedding planning process?

This article was graciously provided by Agape Events who originally read it in the Association of Bridal Consultants Dialogue Newsletter:

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  1. agapevents says:

    It’s nice to know that not only was this original article read (whew, all the blogging is not in vain), but that it is now being shared.
    Thanks for mentioning our original blog post. Best of luck to you and your clients as you plan their special day!

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