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Nothing…except that getting sick often follows a night of a great party…alas, this sickness had nothing to do with a great party…

Me, My Husband, My Son – Our Neverending Days of Being Sick…
Back in the day, cleaning up puke, whilst one of the vilest of tasks, at least meant good times had preceeded the task. That is, until the slippery slope of alcoholic imbibition became so steep that reason slid well off the road and slammed into the retaining wall of hangover.
Now, enter baby, and regurgitation collection is devoid of any such inspiring festivities. Last night was Kieran’s first bout with serious puking. He has spit up plenty but they were the stealth spit ups that you didn’t know occured until there was a sudden warmth snaking down your arm as you held him. Yesterday was different. It was the familiar lean over a recepticle as the heaves arrived, Mom and Dad holding him over a bucket (he’s not old enough to worship the porcelin god of course) to collect his previous meals as they trickled and spurted out with every disconcerting spasm. For Kieran though, there was no calm indifference as his body reacted involuntarily and violently to purge itself of something it did not feel was right.
It was Mom and Dad’s first bout with puking baby as well. I must say it was not fun to see him in such distress, especially when he had nothing more to give back and yet the heaves continued. It is painful to not be able to do much other than hold him over a bucket, give him teaspoons of Pedialite, and hold him for the 20 minutes between bouts.
Fortunately, for all of us, it only lasted 6 hours so by midnight, after about 4 teaspoons of Pedialite, he was able to finally take a bit of bottle without it making an encore preformance.
Still, this thought occured to me as I held him after a bout of heaving, given all the pain and discomfort for all involved…if puking must still be a part of our lives, I am really thankful we have him along with his recycled food and formula to clean up.

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