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Wedding Don't - Don't End Up A Candidate for a Mastercard Commercial

Wedding Don't - Don't End Up A Candidate for a Mastercard Commercial

#1:  Don’t marry someone you don’t love!  It’s just mean – to yourself, the other person and everyone else involved in your life.  AND, it’s expensive;)  Okay, so that should be obvious, but thought I’d throw it in for a laugh.  On to the real tips:
1.  Don’t wait until your Best Man is drunk before allowing him to give the toast.  Schedule toasts to happen right after your grand entrance and first dance when people have had only a few drinks – just enough to give them the confidence to speak in front of a hundred people, but not so much that they embarrass you and themselves. 
2.  Don’t ask guests to pay for the party – i.e. Host the bar – even if it’s the minimal bar.  Perhaps, only serve wine, beer, soft drinks and a signature cocktail.  Best of all, you and your fiancé can go to a bar before the wedding and ask a bartender to make up some fun drinks for you to try.  Name the drink something special to the two of you. 
3.  Remember – no registry on invitations.  We’ve all heard it this sage etiquette advice, but then wonder if it’s really true.  Yes, it’s the number 1 no no (perhaps, I should have listed in the number 1 spot).  In order to get the word out, be sure to tell family so they can spread the word.  The best thing is to create a wedding website where you can write about everything that has to do with your wedding – hotels to stay, location and schedule for wedding day, registry information, etc.  Visit
4.  Don’t think you have to do it all.  Remember, your bridesmaid and other friends want to help, so it’s okay to have a little invitation stuffing party at your house.  It’s okay to be the DIY bride, but unless it’s actually saving you time and money, know that it’s okay to hire someone to do the job for you.  Also, your wedding planner is there for you as well if you’re feeling a bit stressed and you just need someone to hear you.  Which leads into the next Don’t…
5.  Don’t be a slave driver – make it fun for everyone and they’ll want to help even more.  Bridezillas make for good t.v., but in real life, let’s be real – no one likes you like that.  So, while your wedding party is there to help you, they are not there to be spend a bazillion dollars on the outfit of your choice, they are not required to stuff their bras in order to all be symmetrical (you laugh, but I’ve seen it asked), and they’re not there to wait on you hand and foot.  In other words, don’t take the maid part of bridesmaid too literal.
6.  Don’t think the day will run itself.  Yes, I’m a wedding planner so of course, it is reasonable to think that I am biased, BUT I got into this business not just because I love it, but because I saw a need.  At the very least, you should hire a day of wedding coordinator.  A professional wedding coordinator understands how to direct and produce a wedding.  They are knowledgeable about how timelines generally run and can help you to create one that will run on-time and smoothly.  They will be there to make sure everything goes as YOU planned and will work with the vendors accordingly.  They have the experience and are there to make your life easier and less stressful.
7.  Don’t skimp on memories.  Find the most important thing for you and spend your money there.  If you want to look back at amazing photos – spend your money on the best photographer you can find.  If you are foodies and want to have the memory of this amazing food experience, spend your money there.  You get the idea.
8.  Don’t succumb to the pressure.  Remember, this is your and your fiancé’s day and it should reflect the two of you becoming a family and the bringing together two families.  It is understandable that you compromise with your family and members of your wedding party, but reasonable compromise is in order – don’t let your Mom pressure you to invite your 3rd cousin whom you’ve never met before if it’s something that you really can’t do.  It is also understandable that it is difficult to express your disagreement when someone else is paying.  Be sure everyone is on the same page prior to interviewing, hiring, etc. and you can reasonably avoid this stress.
9.  Don’t forget your purpose.  You are planning to marry the love of your life.  Remember this everytime you get stressed about having to choose the color of a flower, or linen, or…Along with this purpose, remember to include him.  He likely hasn’t thought too much about this day until now, but he may still have some very definite (and yes valid) opinions about how he sees the day unfolding.  Again, your planning the day that will kick off your married lives together – start your journey with sharing and compromise.
10.  Don’t limit yourself to popular themes you’re seeing in the magazines now.  Really sit down and think and talk about what represents the two of you.  We love offbeat brides and are currently planning a couple of really fun, unique weddings.  They don’t have to be totally off the beaten path funky, but adding that little something that really showcases your personality is very important.  You want everyone to walk into the room and say, “Oh, this is so [fill in your name here]”.
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