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Let’s get real, but not to real-vealing !

Your wedding website should give your family and friends exciting information on your wedding celebration itself, NOT, what argument you had with your bridesmaid’s sister or how unreasonable your mother is.  It is not a blog, and even if it were, it is not appropriate to discuss this out there in cyber space.

This is a place to include stories, but stories of your engagement, travel info, local hotels & activities, maps & directions, registry links and an RSVP link.
An ideal way to get the word out is to send a link to your website through your email.  Another way is to put your website in an insert in your invitation (like a response card) but NOT on the invite itself.

If you are using  just emails to communicate to all your guests, the appropriate way to use it includes, Save The Date, Wedding RSVP’s, Miscellaneous updates, and informal pre-wedding parties.

Remember, you do not want to create a flurry of gossip, rather you want to create excitement and anticipation leading up to your very special wedding day.
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p.s.  If you’re looking for a great wedding website that you can personalize, click here.

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