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Ok men, here is your chance to step up to the plate !

The groom needs support also, so take your role seriously. After all most likely you are helping your best friend, brother or a close relative through a very special but often nerve racking time.

So here is your list to keep you on track.  Be prepared to serve as the go-to guy for information.  Direct guests to the restrooms, cocktail areas and the reception site.

First, you will be paying for your wedding attire, just as the bridesmaids do, whether you are renting or buying a suit or tuxedo.

Be prepared to attend all pre wedding activities, such as engagement parties, couples showers, bachelor parties (of course) and the rehearsal dinner.  Hey, there is going to be food at all of these gatherings ya know, it’s not so bad.

Help the best man plan the bachelor party.  Oh don’t tell me you won’t have fun with this !

Help the best man plan, with the bridesmaids the honeymoon get away car – fun, fun, fun (but be tasteful please).

Usher guests to their seats before the wedding.  When ushering a couple, you always take the woman’s arm and take her to her seat while the gentleman follows.  If several guests arrive at the same time or in the same group, usher the oldest first.

Buy a gift just from you.  The most favorite of gifts is a silver or leather flask, and having it monogramed is a nice touch. Sports tickets are also popular. Or you can go in on one outstanding gift from you and all the groomsmen. The gift should be the final good-bye to single life.  So make sure the gift is just for the groom, not to the couple.

A groomsman also walks down the isle generally escorting a bridesmaid, and will often be introduced with her at the grand entrance into the reception area.  There are even times when the groomsman dances with the bridesmaid he escorted down the isle.  

Toasts.  Some groomsmen say a few words at the rehearsal dinner or the reception.  But please be appropriate with what you say, have fun, but remember this is a very special time in the grooms life and you want his memories to reflect that.  Also, this is not about you, and it’s not a time to tell the groom’s life story – keep it short (less than 3 minutes), sweet and simple.


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