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We love finding new fab products for our brides, but we love it even more when they find us!  Check out FlowerDIYvas Floral Design to help you decide if you should be DIY’ing your own florals for your wedding and if so, how to do it right!

FlowerDIYvas is the newest tool for wedding industry professionals to use when working with DIY brides and their team. We created FlowerDIYvas to help brides who are considering doing their own flowers for their wedding – or having a non-professional friend or family member do it for them. With our instructional video and in-person workshops (available in Southern California), your client will know the reality of the tasks involved with DIY flowers well before the wedding day. This will help them (and you!) have a successful DIY flower experience, or to know in advance if they should hire a pro. 

FlowerDIYvas is designed to give cost-cutting brides a clear expectation of the work and time involved – which is the trade off to saving money on their flowers. Is it worth it? Now brides will know before its too late!

Christine Saunders and Dawn Hansen

Wedding Flowers – DIY or Hire a Pro?

Help your brides to make an informed decision!

DIY brides and tighter budget weddings were not invented with the current downturn in the economy. It is a hot topic in the media this year because brides are challenged to stretch their shrinking wedding budgets even further. As wedding vendors, we all feel the squeeze!

What’s a budget bride to do? As we all know, brides and their families are rolling up their sleeves and doing more themselves to save money. Flowers are often on that DIY list and some brides jump right in, or have a non-pro friend or family member (their “team”) volunteer to design the flowers for them. That’s great in theory and “DIY’ing” certain projects absolutely makes sense for some – but the reality is that with the inefficiency of trial and error of practice projects gone bad, money spent on one-time-use tools and supplies, hours spent researching and doing the work, and headaches suffered from not getting professional quality results, DIY projects can be disastrous at worst, a lesson learned at best.
With the flowers, by the time a bride and their team figures out they took on too much – like midnight before the wedding when there’s still 10 centerpieces to make, an hour before the ceremony and the bouquets are wilting, or when Aunt Judy is still setting up the reception and is going to miss her dearest niece walk down the aisle – its too late! And who is going to be left to pick up the pieces? Often the venue staff or coordinator is put in the position to pitch in to get the job done for the bride – which takes away from their focus to do their own jobs well.

This is where FlowerDIYvas: Sarah’s Wedding comes in – We show brides and their team how to plan, purchase, process, design and setup flowers for their own wedding – from start to finish. We even include a link to an online workbook that brides can use to plan their recipes, purchases, timing, and schedule for the wedding week. This way, brides have a full picture of what its really going to take to do their own wedding flowers and can decide IN ADVANCE if it’s a project they want to tackle or if they should spend the money to hire a pro.

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