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So, my son goes to a wonderful daycare here in San Diego.  They are very involved with the community and many children’s lives.  Here is an email I was sent on Monday, Dec. 22nd:

I know I posted this around and you have probably seen Brandon on the news. He will be on the news again tomorrow right before chemo.

I have known Brandon since he was 2 years old. He is now 7. Brandon is this kid that has had so much energy and a crazy cool personality.He was diagnosed with cancer in the stem of his brain (look up DIPG). He is on tons of steroids and other meds with crazy side affects.

In a short time Brandon will become paralyzed right before he goes blind as it is with this type of cancer.

There have been other fund raisers for Brandon that have helped Brandon pack a lot into a small amount of time. We are now trying to raise funds as quickly as possible to hire a professional videographer and photographer that is least invasive to this family so that the best memories from this time are captured. We also want to allow a fund that will help many more family members to be able to afford more time from work as most of them are saving time off for the end. We hope they can afford some time now as well.

The other day Brandon was acting out a little and was put in a time out (trying to keep as much normalcy as possible). Then it was thought, Brandon doesn’t have enough time for a time out.

9 months is the average time this diagnoses allows.

If your even thinking about adding Brandon to your gift list, please don’t wait. We would like to do as much as possible as soon as possible. Look up DIGP and then please write any amount ( I mean any amount, I know times are hard for us all… no amount is too small, I really mean that).

Make the check payable to BRANDON SHIVELY BENEFIT FUND and send it to 1787 Pentuckett Ave San Diego, Ca. 92104. We will give any notes wishes prayers and money to the family.

Being a wedding planner and designer, I was in the unique position to have many wonderful vendor contacts, so I contacted two of my favorites:  Tim Otto of Tim Otto Photography and Marc Lehman of Ashley Video Productions.  These two wonderfully, giving vendors have offered to help this family obtain some very wonderful memories of their time together.  The details are still being worked out, but I do hope to post any updates that may come about.  Thank you, thank you to our wonderful vendors, Tim and Marc.  I hope that any of you out there who are looking for a photographer or videographer, give these two a little love back;)

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