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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!  I spent a lot of time soul searching and enjoying time with my family.
After speaking with my family and my business coach and most importantly, myself, I’ve decided that I’m shutting down my business as we currently know it.  I recently read a book, The 4 Spiritual Laws to Prosperity and it really brought some things back into perspective for me.  First, I am in this business because I love to help people celebrate the most memorable times of their life.  I am not, however, in this business to hard sell people on how or why I am the best person for the job.  Ugh, sales just makes me cringe.  That was clearly my mistake when I dove headfirst into this business.  I love to write, I love to design, I love to be creative and I LOVE to help people design and plan their weddings and events. 
I think DIY’ing is a fabulous idea if you have the time and don’t have the money to hire someone to do it all for you (or if you’re just uber creative).  With that said however, being uber creative doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be able to plan a large event like a wedding without any pitfalls.  I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and I want to give you the benefit of my experience so you can utilize my knowledge to help you DIY your wedding to perfection.
So, I said shut it down as we currently know it.  I need to get back to what I enjoy.  I do not need to make a ton of money (although, I do need to get paid fairly for my time), so I’ve decided to truly be a consultant and a resource for all of you who are DIY’ing it.  I was a DIY bride.  I literally did everything except make the food (except I did make all the cupcakes) and sew my dress.  I love to be creative, I love to help people and I love to design.  I want to be here to answer any questions you have.  I want to showcase fantastic vendors that I’ve had the pleasure of working with so you, the bride, can utilize these great people.  I want to showcase your fabulous weddings and for you to tell me (and show me – send in those pics ladies) what you DIY’ed in your wedding. 
Soooo, I’m going to transition my business to the business of wedding and event blogging.  We’ll still be available to you if you would like to hire us for specific wedding consultations – we can provide you with the inside scoop on who we recommend to hire for your wedding day needs, we can help you with etiquette questions and more.  We will be able to do this for you at a fraction of the cost of most planners because we will do most of our consultations by phone (which will help you not have to take time off from work). 
We will blog about great new wedding and event items, vendors and fun DIY items.  And, hopefully, we’ll be able to provide many great options, ideas, crafts and resources for all the brides who are wanting to be a part of the creation process of their wedding, aka the DIY Brides.  We love to create fun projects for you too, so hopefully, this will give us more time to come up with some fun DIY wedding crafts just for you.
It’s a work in progress right now, but be sure to keep checking the blog for new and interesting ideas, vendors and resources we find or create just for you.
Have a Fantabulously Eventful Day!

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One Response to “Happy New Year – LifEvents Revamps to Provide More Resources for the Bride”

  1. Shauna, I perfectly understand you. Trying to sell yourself to new customers is always an uphill battle (It’s easier when they were able to see you perform at a similar event). We do try to give them all the information they need to learn more about us, at the same time, not trying to sound conceited or boastful. Luckily some will hire you, because what they got was good enough for them. I’ll always do my very best to entertain them and their guests. God only knows how much I love to pack a dance floor. I love making people dance, that is why I started this hobby, that later turned into a good business.

    Shauna, I do wish you the best. Hopefully, we will someday work again together. You are a great team player and leader.

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