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  • Heavy card stock paper
  • Fiskars scissors
  • Black and green felt tip pens (also red, if you want two different colors of numbers)
  • Small, round or square dowels
  • Ruler
  • Assortment of colored bandannas (local craft store may carry)
  • Small bails of hay (from your local craft store)
  • Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic paint-colors shown;  Leaf Green, Deep Lilac, Napthal Crimson, Crocus Yellow and Burnt Sienna.  Or pick your wedding colors.
  • Brushes, #2/0 Liner & #6 Round brush
  • Delta Ceramcoat Gloss Varnish (optional, but really gives it a finished look)
  • Copy the 2 styles of cactus & 1 boot, from the black & white photo.

Other Embellishments

  • Star charm & glue, not shown (optional, to glue onto boot)
  • Bolo, armadillo, not shown (optional, for bandanna)


  1. Copy the boot and 2 different cactus patterns onto card stock and print out as many as you will need for your tables. Copy cactus to 7 1/2″
  2. Before cutting any patterns out, draw your number in the center of the cactus, then outline your cactus with the green marker and the rest of the design and the boot with the black marker. Fill in the numbers in black pen.
  3. Paint the cactus Leaf Green, the thorns Deep Lilac, the snake Napthal Crimson and the flowers Crocus Yellow. Let dry.
  4. Paint the body of the boot Napthol Crimson, the star Crocus Yellow and the rest Deep Lilac. Let dry.
  5. Draw over the outline again with the black and green pens, to make a crisp outline.
  6. Brush varnish on the boot and the cactus. Let dry.
  7. Cut out cactus and boots.
  8. Glue on any embellishments and the boot to the cactus under the number. Let dry
  9. Cut or snap round or square dowel to 14″ each.  Paint dowels in Burnt Sienna. Let dry.
  10. Tie bandanna to dowel under cactus.
  11. Stick dowel all the way into each bale of hay.


*Cover a few hay bales with paper towels and after painting dowels, stick them into the hay bales  to dry. You won’t need to paint the dowels all the way to the tip that you are holding onto, as the end of the dowel will be hidden into the bale of hay. Remove paper toweling when dry.

*Adhesive or stenciled numbers can be bought at your local craft store, if you don’t want the hand drawn look.

*To save time when painting, paint all the pieces that should be green at one time. Then move to the next color and paint all pieces in that color, follow the same method with all the colors.


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