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I was reading a great forum today on  The question posed is, “Do you think wedding planners are useful?”  I am all for DIY weddings, but there is a limit to how much the bride, groom, friends and family can pull off, but don’t take my word for it, here is one great answer from the BridalTweet forum and the link to read more:

Depending on what functions the coordinator or planner does, they are absolutely beneficial. I planned my own wedding, detail for detail. The coordinator/planner I hired may not have contributed creatively, but certainly facilitated my plans and saved my family and me hours and hours of extra legwork and phone calls. The coordinator can also be the ‘bad guy’ in contract negotiations and be the stern one to keep things on schedule.
Financially, a vendor may have worked with the planner before, and has a long-standing relationship to give better quality work or discounts. (It also works the other way, the planner may or may not push their own vendor). Reputable planners don’t take kickbacks from vendors though. If you source a vendor that gives you a certain price for things you are not comfortable with, the planner could tell you if it is reasonable or not. The planner could also help you figure out different solutions that reduce your cost you wouldn’t think of.
My planner, and every planner my friends/family have worked with, worked their A**es off! Each and every one of them said they were well worth the money, no matter what budget they had. Most also went above and beyond as far as service, and they do it out of love for the job for the most part, not profits.
Weddings I have been to that didn’t have a coordinator on the day of at least, have always been a disorganized mess. Lots of people running around crazed, not knowing where people are, where transportation is, losing things. The guests standing around annoyed and waiting for some direction or information.

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