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As an interior designer and lover of all things fashion, decor and design, color holds a special place in my heart.  At school, I took extra classes in color theory loving the ‘science’ behind color as much as the pure design esthetic.  I am often asked how one can choose the right colors for their home, wedding or clothes.  My answer to those who are ‘color challenged’ is a simple one – look to nature.  Nature doesn’t make mistakes, the colors you see nature put together, not just pretty green and brown, naturally go together and can be used to create a lovely environment.  Thinking of a color scheme like purple and yellow?  You may think that it’s a bit of a funky color scheme until you imagine an Iris with its beautiful purple petals and a hint of yellow.  On the technical side, violet and yellow are actually complimentary colors.  In areas where the technical side of color matters – think haircolor, this is a very important aspect.  If your hairdresser colors your hair and the effect is too “brassy” (aka yellow), they will use a violet toner to cut the brassiness.  In design, the colors complement each other on the opposite ends of the color spectrum.  The key is the way the color is used.  Let’s use this color combination as an example of how to use a funky but natural color scheme into a beautiful inspiration board for a wedding.  

Our starting point?  The Iris: 

Purple/Yellow Iris

Purple/Yellow Iris


The Inspiration Board to a wedding using the colors Purple & Yellow: 

Purple & Yellow Inspiration Board

Purple & Yellow Inspiration Board Using the Lily as Inspiration

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2 Responses to “{Weddings} Wedding Colors: How to Choose Your Colors Like a Pro”

  1. Margot says:

    How about baby blue? I love tiger lilies and my fiance loves baby do we combine these to be classicly unique?

    • lifevents says:

      Hi Margot,

      You could totally do a combination of baby blue with orange tiger lillies. Blue and orange are complimentary colors on the color wheel, so that will work. Also baby blue and orange are very retro colors when put together, so if you’re thinking of a retro wedding, that would work fantastically. If not, I’d suggest going with a paler orange. I’ve put together an inspiration board using these colors that you can view on our blog at “>this link.

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