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Escort Card, Place Card

Dual Purpose Escort card or Place Card

Wedding favors are often a difficult decision for couples.  They want to give something as a thank you to their guests, but they don’t want it to be a useless trinket that the guest’s will just toss two minutes after leaving their wedding.  After all, favors can get expensive, so you want to make sure your guests will enjoy it.  One such couple we helped to plan their wedding wasn’t as concerned with cost as much as usefulness, but obviously didn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount on what is supposed to be a small gesture of gratitude.

While at Starbucks one day, I saw a great little holder for their gift cards.  It was a gift card holder that had a seed packet paper inside so when you planted the paper, flowers grew.  The envelope itself was cute with a cute design and I thought, what a great idea for a place card or escort card that does double duty as 2 favors in 1 – the gift card (for whatever amount you choose to put on it) and the seed packet.  We bought the store out of the gift card holders and had the calligrapher write each guest’s name along with their table number, then placed them in holders that we specially designed and created for the bride.  The picture above is the example gift card holder with my name (no table number).  Great idea, no?  Starbucks and other places always have cute new gift card holders, perhaps you can use one for your wedding and make it a dual purpose item as well.  Dual purpose items will save you money in the long run so look for as many out of the box ideas as you can.

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