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Wedding Photo Garland

Wedding Photo Garland

Looking for a simple DIY craft to help personalize your wedding day?  Create a photo walkway.  We created these photo garlands to hang from the arbor that led the guests from the entrance to the bar.  Since a line can form most easily at a bar, we figured it would be nice to have something to look at and muse over – what better than the newly married couple? 

What we used: 

  • Black foam core board
  • Pictures of the couple from childhood through their dating years
  • Scanner to scan all the photos (this way we were able to get the really good ones from the Moms) & color printer to print them
  • 1 1/2″ thick ribbon in the wedding colors
  • spray adhesive
  • paper cutter
  • Glue gun

What We Did: 

  • Scanned & printed all the photos
  • Cut out each picture and grouped them from childhood on up (each side of the foam core board was used, so remember to group accordingly)
  • We then cut out the foam core board in varying sizes according to the pictures.  We measured and cut the ribbon and put a slip knot at the top.  We then attached the ribbon to 3 or 4 boards using the glue gun, making sure to leave space between each board and to leave about 6-12″ of ribbon on top and about 3-4″ on the bottom.  We folded the bottom of the ribbon up, glue gunned it and glue gunned a little shell (it was a beach theme).  Depending on where you’re hanging them from, you can use twine to hang at different or the same level.
  • Finally, we sprayed adhesive onto the board and attached the pictures
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