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Whether for the mystique of the mummies, the pyramids of the pharaohs, or the river that gave Egypt its wealth + power, people of all ages have been fascinated by this land. Today, its history, land + people have captured the interest of filmmakers, scholars, + tourists. But before that, Egypt had collected innumerable kings, pharaohs, + conquerors who viewed Egypt as an invaluable prize. As a result, Egypt has recorded six millennium’s worth of humanity, mingling the ancient + modern all in one place.

It has Alexandria, founded in 331 BC by one of world’s most famous man, Alexander the Great. This city by the northern coast was known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean. In the past, it was a considered as the link between Greece + the rich Nile River Valley, serving as the crossing point of three continents – Africa, Asia + Europe. Today, it is Egypt’s second largest city with beautiful coastlines + a new rendition of Bibliotheca Alexandria, a completely modern version of the ancient world’s most famous library.

Further down the Nile is a completely different scene. Cairo, as Egypt’s capital + largest city, was found in 969 AD, which is modern compared to ancient cities such as Alexandria, Memphis + Thebes. Interestingly enough, this “modern” city is eight centuries older than the United States. The city, because of its history, is a marvelous combination of Egyptian, Islamic, European + modern construction.

Egypt is a land of camels + cars, stone pyramids + concrete apartments, sand dunes + four-lane highways. And it is precisely this eclectic yet harmonious mix that makes Egypt what it is today.

Travel + Accommodation
3 nights accommodation in a Nile View room at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo
3 nights accommodation in a Sea View Room at the Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria
Private round-trip airport transfers + transfers between Cairo + Alexandria
Daily breakfast
Lovegift of the month

2 private tours of Cairo with lunch
1 private tour of Alexandria with lunch
50-minute Aromatherapy massage for two in Alexandria
Private romantic dinner for two in Alexandria

Price is valid for January 4 – September 30, 2010
From January 1 – 3 + March 27 – April 9, 2010 add $500 USD

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