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That’s right, we’ve all heard it before, KISS (keep it simple stupid, although I prefer keep it super simple) and there is no other time that acronym applies better than when you become a parent.

As working parents of an almost 2 year old, we’re forever trying to simplify our life so that we can spend the most time with our son without sacrificing our couple time, the cleanliness of our house, decent meals…and the list goes on.  In this vain, my husband recently sent me some pretty cool techy stuff to help a gal and guy like us KISS (because deep down we’re techy geeks and don’t we all like to KISS):

These sites are pretty cool, especially the first one:

Go ask Alice … for more toothpaste is a new online, replenishing convenience store for things like toiletries, cleaning products, garbage bags and laundry supplies. When you set up your account, you tell Alice about who lives in your home and what you use. Alice then stocks all your home essentials, keeps track of when it’s time to restock, and delivers the goods for free. Plus, goods are priced lower (often 20 to 30 percent) than at many other retailers. She’s so nice she also finds relevant coupons for you and applies them automatically.

Elephants don’t forget
One thing no one ever tells you about adulthood is that it involves an inordinate amount of time spent remembering to buy people presents, and then to write thank-you notes when you’re on the receiving end. Gift Elephant is an online system that keeps track of all the presents you’ve ever given and received, for free. It manages your thank-you notes and reminds you of upcoming holidays and birthdays and special occasions. For a small fee, they’ll even print and mail thank-you notes on your behalf, personalized with your own photos if you wish.

Taken to task is a productivity tool that really acts like a personal secretary, or nagging mother. You can use it to manage to-do lists, remember to pay bills and arrange a wake-up call, and most features are free. You don’t have to go in and manually set dates and times, because it understands natural language. For example, if I typed in, “DailyCandy dinner Tuesday at five,” that would be enough information to get it to remind me at just the right time. It’s pretty amazing. You can create reminders on the site, or you can e-mail it or Twitter it to set up reminders, and you choose whether it reminds you via text, e-mail or phone call. In the pro version, $3.99 per month, you do not see any ads and you have unlimited use, but the free version gives you a lot to work with.

Vocally local
We all want to buy more locally produced food and products, but how to find them? Locallectual helps you search for products from wood tables to honey, made in your neck of the woods. You can search based on where things are made, down to 25 square miles of where you are. Search by type of product and/or distance from a certain place (“Soap” and “Pennsylvania”) or browse their edited listings of responsible, quality producers.

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