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Super easy, super cute ! Now there’s a way to recycle !
When your cake is brought in, have a wonderful stand to show it off. Your baker will have your cake on a tray, so give it the stage that it deserves. Depending on the size of your cake you can use Qt. or Gal. size paint cans.
In the example, we used different can styles all under one tray, to show many styles at one time. You would pick one style and do all 4 cans the same.
  • 4 Paint cans, 1 Qt. or 1 Gal. depending on the size of your table and wood box.  Cans can be empty or have paint in them, just make sure the lid is on tightly.
  • Paper, wrapping or scrapbook paper or material
  • Ribbon, different colors & widths
  • Scissors or pinking sheers if using material
  • Tape, double sided
  • Pencil or chalk
  • Optional: Paper cutter
If you don’t have any paint cans around, go to your local hardware store and ask if they have any empties around you can have. Sometimes when people don’t pick up their paint or it’s the wrong color, you can pick it up for a really cheep price. So ask at the paint counter first. The rest of the supplies were purchased at our local craft store, Micheal’s.
  1. Lay your paint can down on your paper or the material (make sure the lid is on tight) and mark the width and roll the can across to get the length. Leave a 1/4″ for overlap. Mark it with a pencil or chalk if using material.
  2. Cut out with your scissors or pinking sheers if using material.
  3. Attach to can using the double sided tape.
  4. Add your ribbon, using your double sided tape to close in the back.
Tip: You can also make a round circle out of your paper or material to go over the top of the cans, so it will look nice if you and your guests will be waiting for the cake to appear at the reception. Most cakes are already on the scene when the guests arrive, so there would be no reason to do this extra step.
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