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On his wedding day a Groom will likely be wearing a boutonniere.  This small grouping of flowers has often been a single rose to match the Bride’s bouquet with simple greenery, however, we are finding more and more (to our liking) that the Groom’s boutonniere is becoming more unique and creative in it’s design.  Florists are still taking their queues from the Bride’s bouquet, but they’re adding wonderful new spins on the basic boutonniere by adding things like feathers, wire, raffia, succulents and more.  When choosing your flowers for your bouquet, this may be a good chance to include your Groom in some of the design and planning.  Ask your Groom if he would like to have input when creating a unique boutonniere for himself. 

The boutonniere is worn on his left lapel closest to his heart (of course).  The groomsmen also wear boutonniers, although they are often a tad bit different or more simplistic or perhaps opposite colors of the Groom.  Additionally, special people like fathers and grandfathers often wear boutonnieres as well.

Take a closer look at some of these boutonniers pictured to get your own creative juices flowing.

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