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Here’s week 3 menu plan.  Our famous lasagna is included in this week’s plan, so be sure to get the recipe from our recipe section, you won’t be sorry!  For the pizza, when we don’t have time to make our own dough, we do one of two things, we either go to Trader Joe’s and buy one of their very yummy pizza doughs, or we go to our local pizza place and buy their dough.  You can check with your favorite pizza place to see if they will sell you just a small, medium or large sized dough.

Click the links below for .pdf versions of all the menu plans, recipes and shopping lists.

Menu Plans
Shopping List for Menu Plans
Recipes for Meal Plans

Remember, the idea behind my menu plans is I try to utilize one protein for most of the week, as the end of the week nears, I start with my next protein and so on.  If, for example, you see steak one day and steak salad the next, the thought is that you buy enough steak in bulk to save money and use it more than once.  Same holds true for chicken.  And, of course buying a whole chicken is a lot cheaper than buying pre-cut, skinned, boneless breasts, but it all depends on how much work you want to put into this.

  Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
Week 3 Pizza/salad Italian sausage, peppers, onions & linquini & red sauce Chili Coke Roast/mashed potatoes/spicy green beans (crock pot day before) Burgundy beef w/egg noodles/french bread/spicy green beans (crock pot day before)
  Wednesday Thursday Friday  
  Lasagna/salad/french bread Leftovers: lasagna/roast Ground beef tacos  
Grocery List for Week 3
Pizza dough
Salad fixins
Italian sausage
Red & Yellow onion
Red & green bell pepper
White wine
Pasta sauce
Pot roast (2)
can of coke
onion soup mix
chili or bbq sauce
spicy green beans
beefy mushroom soup
cream of mushroom soup
sliced mushrooms
burgundy wine
egg noodles
french bread
lasagna noodles
ground beef
ricotta cheese
mozzarella cheese
Cheddar cheese

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