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Sometimes it takes a village and as moms and dads we know this to be true! Entertaining a little one is a big job, so here are a few ideas to make that baby smile!  This Halloween picture was just an opportunity to get a great big smile and lots of giggles from my grandson.  Dad decided to dress up as Kieran’s favorite live action show host – You go D.J. Lance Rock!  The stunned surprise of my grandson was priceless and it didn’t just cause Kieran to laugh and giggle but all of us too, and goodness knows we all need to take things lightly sometimes and enjoy the laughter.  The funniest part for my daughter and son-in-law is that the next time the show aired, Kieran looked at the show’s host, DJ Lance Rock, pointed and said, “Daddy”!

Are you in need of easy ways to make your child giggle and wiggle and dance and have fun?  Well, bring out your inner child and remember that it’s the simplest wonders in life that will make your child awestruck with wonder and tickle their funny bone.

Here are a few easy ways to make your baby laugh !

  • Blow bubbles into a glass of water, through a straw
  • Tie two helium balloons to Grandpas ears on 12″ strings and have him wiggle his head.
  • Attach a suction cup toy to your forehead and talk in a funny voice.
  • Make a raisin box whistle. Use an empty box of raisins, at open end cup mouth into opening tightly so no air will escape and blow.
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