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Kids love April Fool’s Day as much, if not more, than adults so show your kids how they can have some friendly fun on this foolishly fun day with some of these April Fool’s Day friendly pranks: 

1.  Green Eggs and Ham.  Moms or Dads, fool your child by telling them that Dr. Seuss visited early in the morning and made them green eggs for breakfast.  Before putting the eggs in the pan, put a few drops of green food coloring and then scramble them up for your kids to eat. 

2.  Do you have teenagers?  Then I’m sure the first thing they do is check their text messages.  If they’re not sleeping with that phone, then at night when they go to bed, get their phone and re-organize all their settings.  Then, send them a text message saying “April Fool’s Day”.

3.  Pen & Ink.  Kids can remove the ink cartridges from most of their parents pens by just unscrewing the pen.  Tape all the ink cartridges under a desk or table.  Tape a note to the pen that says, “April Fool’s Day!  If you need to write on top of your desk, today you might be well served to think upside down and inside out, and write on the bottom instead.”

4.  Getting Dressed.  Tie all of Dad’s socks together in one long rope.  At the end of the last sock, safety pin on a note that says, “April Fool’s Day”.

5.  You’re Late, You’re Late, For a Very Important Date:  Change the current date on the victim’s computer calendar to a few years in the future and watch all of the upcoming calendar items pop up as missed items.  The victim will have to figure out what has happened.

6.  Changing the Sheets.  During the day, change the sheets and covers on the victims bed, so the comforter goes down first and the sheets last.  Make the bed so the victim’s head is where their feet normally are.

7.  Reorganize.  Move the objects in your food cupboard to your pots cupboard and your pots to where you keep the tupperware and so on.  Leave a note in at least one cupboard that says, ‘April Fool’s Day’.  Watch as your parents open and shut cupboards looking for what they need.  Whatever you move though, remember you’ll probably be the one who will have to put it all back.

8.  Blow it All Up.  Blow up a package or two of balloons and fill a room with them.  Throughout the day, have balloons in silly spots like replacing all his/her toys in his/her toybox with balloons.

9.  Lazy Does It.  Easy and Fun to Watch, simply hiding the t.v. remote control can cause chaos in any home these days.  Despite the fact that most of us could just get up and change the channel, we will instead spend hours searching for the remote.  For this foolish joke, turn the t.v. on to something you know the victim won’t want to watch, then proceed to hide the remote.  A preferable hiding spot would be one where there is a suggestion that they go outside rather than watch t.v. – perhaps sitting inside their running shoes.  Leave notes in some of the obvious hiding spots with clues to the final destination.

10.  Spring is in the Air.  Back in the day, kids used to toilet paper people’s houses.  There are a slew of reasons why that’s not a good idea anymore, for which I won’t go into now, but I read them all on Mamapedia and many made sense.  However, a more innocent and sweet version of this would be to cut out sweet spring decorations and decorate your parents’ cars, or kitchen, or bathroom.  Using kid safe scissors, draw and cut out lots of flowers and other spring items (ask your teacher or another adult for help if you need to) and attach them with tape to windows, mirrors or other non-painted surfaces.

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