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Everyone, and I do mean everyone wants to have a personalized, unique wedding, but when it comes down to actually creating a wedding vision many couples get caught up in how a wedding is ‘supposed’ to be and end up losing the very thing that will make their wedding so special – THEM.

When I was still a wedding planner, we were very in tune with getting to know our couples in order to help them make their wedding day truly represent their personality.  A wedding is so much more fun to design, coordinate and plan when you’re making it so very very unique to each couple.

With that in mind, remember that todays weddings can be anything your little couple heart desires.  You can marry the traditional with unique pops of your personality or you can throw out the traditional all together and make your wedding day one that no one will soon forget.

One way to give your wedding day a kick of your personality is to forego the traditional wedding cake.  If you’re not big cake eaters, why bother with spending $500+ on something that doesn’t represent the two of you?

There are many ways to take other desserts and fancy them up for your wedding day.  This doesn’t mean you have to be baking the day before your wedding day, bakeries don’t just bake wedding cakes you know and I’m sure they would be thrilled to offer some unique suggestions on how to serve your favorite pie, pound cake, cream puff, chocolate muffin…whatever your little sweet tooth desires.

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