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Our son is a serious snacker.  ‘Real food’ has only recently started to enter his repertoire so we’ve had to do what we can to get protein into his diet and have a healthy variety of snacks for him to choose from. 

Knowing that half the time, we end up eating the snacks as well, we made sure that the snacks were tasty for both kids and adults alike.  Here are our top picks:

Transportable Snacks for Parents & Kids; Pirate Booty1.  Pirate Booty:  Sort of like an air-filled popcorn/cheet-oh consistency with a variety of flavors including Veggie Booty, White Cheddar Booty and our personal favorite Wisconsin Cheese Puffs, these yummy snacks are made even better because you can buy them in snack sized bags that are easily transported.  Only con:  once opened, you better eat them because they go ‘stale’ quite quickly.

Transportable Snacks for Parents & Kids; Annies White Cheddar Bunnies2.  Annie’s Homegrown Bunnies.  Do you see a theme here?  We love cheese and these bunnies are no different.  Our most recent flavor is white cheddar bunnies and they are delicious.  The cheddar flavor bunnies are reminiscent of the classic kid snack – Goldfish.  A few other Annie’s Bunnies:  Annie’s Bunny Grahams come in Honey, Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Chip not to mention the myriad of other food products made by Annie’s Homegrown.

Transportable Snacks for Parents & Kids; Veggie Snacks3.  Veggie Sticks from Whole Foods or Trader Joes.  In our home, we call these fries and strangely my son likes to dip them in peanut butter.  Hey different strokes for different folks right.  These yummy sticks are shaped like french fries and have a very light cruncy consistency with a good, not to salty flavor.

Transportable Snacks for Parents & Kids; GoGo Squeez4.  GoGo Squeeze Applesauce Squeeze (aka Fruit Squeeze).  Our son absolutely loooves these and after the first few spill mishaps where we had to teach our son to put it in his mouth before squeezing, we were golden.  If given a chance, he will suck up a box of these in an hour.  The best part is there is no added sugar, or any other stuff – just crushed apples, or apples and banana, or apples and cinnamon, or apples and strawberry…you get the picture.  We like that we can throw these in a bag and don’t need to worry about a spoon or even having to find a place to sit to eat something healthy.

Transportable Snacks for Parents & Kids; Tuberz Yogurt On The Go5.  Horizon Organic Squeezable yogurt (aka gogurt squeeze).  Same theory as the Fruit Squeeze, easy to transport (except that it needs to be refrigerated so should be eaten early on if put in the diaper bag), comes in lots of flavors and our son loves the idea of squeezing the yummy yogurt into his mouth.  Again, there was a learning curve, but he had the fruit squeeze practice, so not too bad.

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