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Girlfriends in Chicago for Bachlorette Trip

My Girlfriends and Me in Chicago for my Bachlorette Trip

A girlfriend of mine just sent me this great blog, Girlfriendology and I’m so excited to dig in and start reading.  My friend’s suggestion was that maybe I should become a guest blogger, so we’ll see.  They send out a great newsletter as well, so you should totally sign up – I did. 

I’ve always been interested in joining a book club and they have created a fun online book club that I think I’m going to check out.  If you’ve always wanted to join a book, but haven’t known who to do it with, this might be a great first step.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d post an excerpt from one Girlfriendology’s recent blog posts.  It talks about whether Moms and non-Moms can be friends – that is, will they still be able to relate to each other.  Read a bit of the post below and then click on the link to read the entire post.

*  Mother’s Day, Moms and Non-Moms?Mother’s Day is coming and it’s a great time to celebrate the amazing women who juggle jobs, turn houses into homes and who are allowed to spit on a napkin and clean off our faces! (Sorry, but you know it’s true!)And … can moms and non-moms be girlfriends? Can I, as a non-mom, relate to moms and can they relate to me?

Read More of Girlfriendology’s article here

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