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I finished my two pillowcases, one for an adult and one for a child, and will be dropping them off at Rosie’s Calico Cupboard next week.  I had so much fun finding the fun material for the children’s pillow case and went through all the  fabric I already had and found big enough pieces to make the adult pillow case.  So if you are short on cash, you can still donate by just looking at what you already have and making it work.  The patterns are free and downloadable online; so what better use for your left over material?

The story on how the 1 Million Pillow Case donation started is a good one. A mother was visiting her son in the hospital and noticed he was depressed and missing home, so she thought she would bring a little home to him, something special  to lift his spirits.  She made a pillowcase from sports material, because he loved sports. At first the nurses said she couldn’t leave it, so she went to the hospital administrator and got permission to leave it for her son. Well, it wasn’t too long before the hospital staff noticed how the boy lit up when people would ask him about his pillow and he could tell them how good he felt having it. When the nurses saw how much better the boy was doing the nurses started asking the mother if she wouldn’t mind making more for the other patients. One thing lead to another and 1 Million Pillowcases was born.  Now they are made all over the country and distributed to not only hospitals but senior homes, battered women’s shelters, aids patients, foster homes and many more places where love and warmth is needed.

I am so happy to be donating my 2 pillow cases, they were so easy to make and the web site makes it simple to find a location where you can drop them off.  We have two donation locations in the San Diego area.  You can click here to view donation locations all over the country.  Join in the fun and have a heart warming experience by helping reach the 1 Million Pillow Case goal.

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