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Entertaining…Create an environment where your guests can entertain themselves, so you can enjoy the party too!

Whether you are going away or staying close to home for Memorial Day, pulling out the good old games from yesteryear and sitting around your firepit with family and friends is always a great way to celebrate get-togethers.  Here are some fun ideas, remakes of old games and fun things to do, for kids and adults alike. And if you are having a BBQ, don’t forget our fun DIY apron you can whip up in an hour or so!

In the 1300’s croquet was seen on almost every lawn that was big enough to set it up. Eddy Bauer’s croquet set at Target is reasonable enough to again have as a regular lawn game. Dominoes is another favorite and an easy game to keep the kids busy. LLBean has some great lawn darts, lawn bowling and wood dominoes , that are easy to read, including a nice wood case, that will bring back memories for sure. Here’s something my son played with for hours as a child, that may be new to you –  “Bill Ding”, wood cut out clowns, stacking game.  My son stacked them all different ways and counted how many he could stack each time. You’ve got to check these out. And here’s a new one with an old feel, “Camp” it’s an outdoor themed competitive learning game.

Product Image Sportcraft 6 Player Croquet Set

Camp Dominos
Bill Ding, The Original Stacking Clowns

  • camp game  : Education Outdoors CAMP Travel Edition

DIY TIP– If you’re playing your games outside and especially if they have small pieces, make a table ledge out of inexpensive wood molding that will frame the top of your table and keep the pieces in its place.


Here is something fun to do around the camp fire, roast Peeps candies! And there are more than just chicks. There are trees and bunnies in all different colors. They are just a marshmallow, but this makes them much more fun to roast!

DIY TIP– To make it even more fun, whittle the ends of some tree branches to a point, stick the marshmallows on the ends, wrap them in plastic wrap, and tie a raffia bow around bottom. Place all the tree sticks in a ceramic pot filled with sand, and place moss over the sand. Now you’re all ready to hand out those tree peeps for roasting.  Just make sure to gather tree sticks that aren’t poisonous – know the tree type and do your research, we don’t want your family getting sick or worse because you accidentally gathered branches from a toxic plant.  Here is a link to the most common toxic and non-toxic plants.  Better yet, just use large skewers meant for grilling;)


Fun straws at Party City in old fashion bottled sodas are always a hit, get the sturdy paper ones with strips or go wild with many others like these umbrella straws.

DIY TIP – If you want to make it easy for your guests to keep track of their drinks, cut out circles (.50 size) from the paper plates you are using, write your guests name on them,  place the straw on the back and  put a sticker on the back across the straw and onto the paper circle, to hold your name plate in place.


And a BBQ isn’t complete without good old fashion homemade ice cream and this is the fastest way I have seen to make it, along with lots of fun! Pick up this unique ice cream maker from LLBean.

  • Add ingredients to one end, and rock salt and ice to the other, you can even add flavors
  • Shake, pass or roll the ball and in 20 minutes you’ll have a pint of ice cream

DIY TIP– Since these balls need to be juggled to make the ice cream, why not make a game out of it and toss the balls around in a circle of kids. You will have ice cream in no time!


If you are making frozen popcicles, think of using these cute “Tilt-A-Whirl baking cup” drip catchers from “Bake it Pretty”. Just make a slit in the cups and push the stick through. The liners made from high-quality Swedish greaseproof paper and keep the mess in the cup !

Tilt-a-Whirl  Baking Cups in Green Tilt-a-Whirl  Baking Cups MINI-SIZE Tilt-a-whirl Cups

Well, I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend, no matter where or how you celebrate. (<;

By: Crafty Chic, Sharon Tittle


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