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If  you are having a birthday party or slumber party for a child or even having an anniversary party for an adult – why not throw a retro movie night party?  These popcorn box favors will be a box office hit.

Recently I had a 60th birthday celebration with my girlfriends at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs and Spa, what a blast!

Although it wasn’t a movie night celebration per se, after our spa day, we went to a nice hotel, jumped into our p.j.’s , put on a movie and noshed on the party favors I had created.  Yum-m-m, they really were a big hit!

Here are a few places on Amazon that are selling popcorn boxes:  Popcorn Boxes by Century Novelty, Popcorn Scoop Boxes, Pop-Open Popcorn Tubs.

There are many styles, so look around for just the right look for your party.  I  put a bag of pop corn and a bag filled with candy inside the box, surrounded by raffia. For a personal touch I made the paper flower DIY project from April, and wrote a special note for each guest tied to the yarn around the flower. Instructions for how I used the flower as a tie for the top of the bag are below.  OH, and don’t forget the great DIY “Queen For The Day” chair cover.  If you really want to make someone feel special…make this for the honored guest.



Here’s what you’ll need to make your boxes festive

  • Raffia, colored
  • Plastic party favor bags
  • Yarn
  • Buttons, (a loop back makes it easier for the yarn to go through)
  • Flower pictures from a magazine
  • Candy bars (I used retro candy bars) gum, a bag of un-popped pop corn & cookies from candy[dot]com
  • Colored paper, for tags
  • Colored pen
  • Scissors  (scrapbook scissors, optional)
  • Hole punch
  1. Place raffia in first then the bag of pop corn, pulling the raffia up around it, it can spill out the top a bit.
  2. Fill the plastic bag with all your yummy goodies, leaving enough room to tie off the bag at the top.
  3. Cut your yarn to 12″. (See instructions for making the paper flowers.) Punch a hole in the center of the paper flower, thread the yarn into the hole, threw the button, then back threw the flower hole.
  4. Tie your bag closed. Punch a hole into one end of your tag, write your message or persons name on it. Thread the yarn threw the hole and tie it to the thread around the flower.
  5. Tip: You can also use scrapbook scissors to cut the tags out and give them a pretty edge.

By: YLE Crafty Chic, Sharon Tittle

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