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I love having creative friends.  One of my friends, we’ll call her Amy (because that’s her name) is always surprising me with little cute things she’s made – from her son’s homemade birthday party invitations, to halloween cards to a sweet Spring gift, she has definitely mastered the art of making scrapbooking cool and quaint and sweet without being cheesy, or ‘bad-crafty’.

This month, Amy was invited to a friend’s bridal shower.  These friends of hers are like many couples nowadays who have 2 of everything and just don’t need much in the way of traditional wedding gifts.  While my friend is happy to buy off the registry for the wedding gift, she wanted to give something more personal and from the heart for the bridal shower gift.  And, this is what she created…

Do It Yourself Bridal or Baby Shower Gift

Cute, no?  The bucket consists of a bottle of champagne, some home-made notecards and a basil plant.  For each item, Amy made little cards that say the following:

For the champagne – toast often to everything you are grateful for

For the note cards – love notes are cool

For the basil plant – plant things together and watch them grow

and…for the card that she gave the couple she wrote something to the effect of   “when life gets busy it’s the little things that are easily forgotten and these are a few things we always try to remember”.

This is a great sentiment for the couple getting married or having a child.  We are often so caught up in the daily grind that we forget what got us to this pivotal point in our relationship.  It is always important to slow down and remember how we fell in love with each other.  If a wonderful hand-made gift like this helps to slow you down and toast to each other, or write a love note or two, then I say it’s the perfect gift a person could receive;)

What about you?  Do you have any ideas of great DIY party or shower gifts?  Have you received that perfect hand-made gift that made you want to get crafting?  How about the bad stuff; anything stick out as just ‘bad crafty’?  We would love to hear your comments.  Until then, Happy Crafting and Have a Fantabulously Eventful Day!

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