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As a woman about to be in her 40’s, I’ve learned that if I’m going to wear lipstick, I really should also apply lipliner in order to avoid that feathery look. You know the one, you see it on old ladies all the time – where their lipstick is seeping strangely into their wrinkles. ICK!

So, the solution to this old lady feathering has always been lip liner, but lip liner is so 2 days ago and done wrong, can make you look older than the feathery lip lady.

So, what’s a ‘not so old’ old lady like me to do? Well, here’s my trick (and it worked nicely when I was in my 20’s too to keep the lipstick from rubbing off):

Find a lip liner that most closely resembles the color of your lipstick or the color of your lips.  Apply it directly on the line of your lips – not over your lips ladies, that is obvious and looks ridiculous!  Then and this is the most important step – rub/smudge it in towards your lips so you no longer have a harsh line.  Now, you can apply your lip gloss or lipstick with confidence.  This is one of my favorite tricks to do when using a clear lipgloss because it gives it a bit more pop without it looking overdone and it stays on a bit better.  Also great for using chapstick.

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