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As a Mom/Blogger/Crafter who also has a full-time job (not including the one called “Mom”), I am lucky that our company provides back-up care from Bright Horizons.  But it’s not just something a company has to take care of, you can take a look into back-up care options as well.  From places like Bright Horizons who specialize in regular day care as well as fabulous back-up care options, to online sites such as who have a whole host of babysitters, nannies & more who are ready and willing to work for you AND have often already had background checks run.  We found a wonderful, caring and responsible babysitter on and absolutely love this service!  We’ve actually found two and while they’re both great, one is more often available than the other.  I’ve known friends who have found up to 5 babysitters that they love from sittercity which really gives them peace of mind when they are in need of last minute back-up care for their children.

Being a working parent or having an adult/elderly relative relying on you for care can be stressful. It’s important to take time out for yourself now and then to help you reduce that stress and re-energize.

One thing you don’t need is the added burden of dependent care emergencies. As every parent and caregiver knows, finding care in a pinch can be stressful. When your normal plans fall through, you can end up scrambling. Back-up care has you covered during those stress-inducing last-minute plan changes.

Examples of situations where back-up care comes to the rescue include when:

  • School is out for spring or summer break
  • Your nanny or regular caregiver is ill or on vacation
  • Your child has a mild fever and cannot attend school or their regular child care


  • A spouse or adult/elderly family member is recovering from an illness, has surgery or needs assistance
  • You need to work additional hours or your work schedule has unexpectedly changed and your regular care is not available.

Having a back-up care plan in place takes the weight off your shoulders of finding quality care for your loved ones. Reduce your stress. Get your safety net in place today!

Need a babysitter? Find the most qualified sitters at

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2 Responses to “{Parenting/Kids} Stressed with Kids this Summer? Reduce Stress & Re-Energize”

  1. lifevents says:

    Yes, we love, glad it may help you to get some time for yourself;) It’s amazing how many sitter responses you get from a request in such a short period of time. It’s nice to have choices like that. Not all the sitters registered have done their background checks, but you can run them for $9.99 if you wish. However, the two that we found and liked had already had their background checks run and had great reviews/references. My other friend who is an attorney and used to having a nanny has only wonderful things to say about the sitters she’s used. She said one seemed a little ‘hippie’ish’ and she admitted to almost judging a book by its cover, but said that the sitter brought all sorts of fun toys and kept the occupied and having fun with crafts the whole time. My friend’s kids loved her and my friend couldn’t have been happier.

  2. kelly says:

    good to know. i’ve always wondered about these services. having never actually known anyone who’s used them, i was never comfortable calling one! now i just may, thanks to your positive experience! thanks for sharing!

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