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Summer BBQWe’ll be spending Sunday at a friend’s house on the bay in San Diego.  Our son loves it here because of the sand and the calm bay water.  We love it because it’s a great place to hang out with friends, it’s a beautiful view and our son has a great time.

It’s a byobbq, so we’ll likely just bring one or two items, but one thing leads to another in my mind and I thought about full-on meals.  I think I was probably hungry while coming up with what to bring, but no matter here are my 2 ideas for which I haven’t yet decided on for this Sunday’s byobbq:

Fish Tacos with home-made corn slaw and white sauce; home-made guacamole served with tortilla chips and salsa and a side of beans; or

Southern unfried/grilled chicken with home-made corn slaw, red beans and rice and little baked potato balls.  I’ve never made these last little potato morsels and I thought them up in my head just now, so they would definitely be a fun experiment.

Whatever I decide to make, I’ll post the actual recipes and (hopefully) pictures too.  Whichever one I don’t make for Sunday, I’m sure I’ll be making at home sooner than later and will also post recipes and pictures (especially for the baked potato balls if they turn out tasty).

What will you be making/bbq’ing for your labor day celebration?  We’d love to hear your ideas, recipes, inspirations…

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2 Responses to “{Feast} 2 Labor Day BBQ Menu Ideas”

  1. Shauna says:

    That sounds delicious! My husband loves bacon, so I think I’ll have to try that with the unfried chicken meal. We went with the fish tacos this weekend, and they were yummy! Of course, I was so busy running around with my son, I didn’t take a single picture – when will I learn?

    Thanks again for the recipe idea!

  2. Michele says:

    My new favorite side salad for bbq’s is corn, bacon, and tomato. It was a huge hit at my daughter’s birthday party and it’s super easy to make. Cut up bacon and saute in a pan. When cooked, remove bacon but leave the grease in the pan. You can use either frozen corn of fresh off the cob (the better choice). Saute corn and shallots in bacon grease. Add kosher salt. Remove from pan. Add the cooked bacon and sliced cherry tomatoes. Viola! Note: the more bacon grease you use the soggier the corn will get. So it may not look as good but it will have more of a bacon flavor and taste GREAT. If you don’t like the soggy look, pour out the grease before putting in the corn, but don’t wash the pan.

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