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When the witching hour approaches, you want your table to look its booootiful best.  Here is a quick and easy table setting to give your table the Halloween “BOO”  factor!  This is a fun way to decorate your table even if you are just having a few guests over or a full blown Halloween party. 


  • Wood hats, small laser cut
  • Craft paint
  • Heavy cardboard (I used the back of a writing tablet)
  • Toothpicks
  • Miniature pumpkins
  • Tea lights or tea candle
  • Rubber skeletons
  • Cloth napkins
  • Foam core, black (Optional)
  • Glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Water dish
  • Knife
  • Scissors


  1. Paint the hats front and back as shown in the example, (solid purple on back and purple, bright green and orange paint on front) Cut out some small strips from cardboard, paint and glue the painted name placard on the front of the hat.  Write the name of each guest on the cardboard strips. Glue a tooth pick to the back of the hat and let it dry.
  2. We bought our tea lights from Oriental Trading Company and miniature pumpkins from your grocery store and carved out the centers a little smaller than the size of a tea light. This will make the tea light snug and sit level with the top of the pumpkin. Stick the toothpick into the pumpkin up to the bottom of the hat.
  3. We bought some rubber skeletons, we got ours from Oriental Trading Company, and put them in funny poses.  Paint and cut out a greeting out of the same type of cardboard used for the placards and wedge it in between the skeletons hands. Place on top of folded napkin.
  4. Fold the napkins  like an envelope. Start with a napkin folded into a square. Turn the napkin so one of the tips is in front of you (see picture) then fold in the two sides, fold the bottom up and the top down. You can tuck the silverware under the flap and put the skeleton on top of the napkin. We used a black square of foam core under the napkin to give a nice contrast. A brightly colored or spider table cloth is a great addition under your table settings.

Stretchy Skeletons 

Bendable Skeletons 

White Battery-Operated Tealight Candles 

White Battery Tea Lights 

Holiday Table Setting



From left; Step 1-paint back of hat solid color. Step 2- second hat, paint front. Step 3- paint hat and add name. Step 4- glue tooth pick on back of hat and stick into pumpkin.


Holiday Table Favor


Holiday Napkin Fold 1


Holiday Napkin Fold 2


Holiday Napkin Fold 3


Holiday Napkin Fold 4

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