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beautiful harvest moon

Photo courtesy of Luna Nuda

Fall starts today and I can’t wait to get my fall decorations out and adorn my table with them.  Watch for the Harvest Moon tonight!   

We have a big extended family and usually for Thanksgiving we all meet at the beach house and have no less than 32 people gathered around the table! Each year my daughter and I try to make something a little different for the table. This year we are going to share what we are making with you!   


Blessing Pocket Coasters and Wine & Muffin Cozy’s from fall colored felt.     


Blessing Coaster   

  • 7″x4″ Felt, in fall colors
  • Cork, sheets
  • Buttons, different sizes
  • Paper punched leaves
  • Card stock, in contrasting colors
  • Needle & thread
  • Scissors
  • Paper hole punch
  • Glue, hot glue used
  • Pen
  • Ruler



Blessing Coaster-Step 1-Cut felt to 7x4in rectangle. Cut a small notch at top of one side. Off to one side cut out a circle, square, triangle etc.


Blessing Coaster- Step 2-Fold felt in half and sew two sides together. Cut a 4in.square of cork and slip it inside. Glue a paper leaf and sew or glue on button(s)


Blessing Coaster- Step 3-Write your message on the cork, in the felt window. You can also use colored paper and write a longer message on the back side.


Blessing Coasters, finished


Wine Cozy   


  • 4″x11″ Felt & scrap of green felt
  • 2-15″x3/8″ ribbon
  • 1-15″x3/8″ cording
  • 6″ cotton floss
  • Cork, sheets
  • Paper leaf
  • Hole punch
  • Ruler
  • Needle

Wine Cozy Supplies


Wine Cozy- Step 1- Cut out a 4x11in. rectangle of felt. Cut 2- 15in. ribbons and 1-15" cording. Cut 6" of cotton floss. Punch 2 holes, 1" from edge on both sides of felt.


Wine Cozy- Step 2- Wrap felt around bottle.Thread ribbon through holes & around bottle & knot. Trace around paper leaves & cut out 2 leaves. 1 from cork & 1 from green felt. Stitch together & tie around cording.


Wine Glass Cozy- Step 1-Thread 1 paper leaf & 1 button together with floss and tie around the bottom of your wine glass. Choose a different leaf for each guest or put their name on the leaf to identify their glass.


Muffin Cozy   


  • 1″x9″ Felt strip
  • 1- 5″x 3/8″ Ribbon
  • Ruler
  • Hole punch
  • Muffin Cozy- Cut out a 1″x9″ piece of felt, & punch 1 hole at each end. Wrap felt around muffin or bisket and thread ribbon through holes & knot.
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