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As our son gets older, I am trying to incorporate at least one craft per weekend.  So far, he totally digs the Mod Podge (like mother like son), so this weekend, I decided to break out the Mod Podge, some of our Fall Feast printables and an empty pasta sauce jar.  We are going camping this weekend, and I thought this would be a fun little jar we could use for our campground luminary on our table.  Remember, this one is a kid’s project, so perfection wasn’t even on my mind – it didn’t matter that the printables were placed haphazardly or even upside down, the point was to have fun and have something that our son would be able to see on our campground table that he made.  This would be a fun craft for your kids to make for your Thanksgiving table too.

What You’ll Need:

  • Empty & Clean glass jar (we used an old pasta jar, but a mason jar or any other glass jar will work)
  • Fall or Thanksgiving Printables (you can find ours for only $5.00 on our Etsy store – just click here)
  • Scissors or craft punches
  • Mod Podge (we used the glitter kind)
  • foam brushes for each person
  • butcher paper or newspaper to cover the table


1.  Cover the table with newspaper or butcher paper.  Lay out all the printables and use craft punches with the kids to cut out the printables.  If you don’t have craft punches, then have an adult cut out the printables first.

2.  Put some mod podge on a plastic plate, brush it onto the glass and start affixing the printables while painting more mod podge over top.  My son loves to just put a ton of it on, so while he applies it, I just keep spreading it around so it’s somewhat even everywhere. 

3.  Repeat until the jar is covered.  It’s okay to layer the printables as much or as little as you like.  Let everything dry.  Tie a ribbon around the top of the jar.  Whallah!  Fini.  Add a tealight or votive candle and you’re all set. 

It would be cute to make several of these and have them lined down the center of the table.

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  1. SO cute! Love it when kids Mod Podge.

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