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Our son has realized a very powerful word.  He has taken this word under his belt of knowledge and is fully utilizing it.  Like a good actor who practices his form and speech to get the best and fullest effect, so our son seems to be taking the word, “NO!” just as seriously.  I don’t mean a nice simple, “no”, but a fully emphatic “NO!” usually followed by “I don’t want to…”  This “…” means fill in the blank with WHATEVER and I do mean WHATEVER an adult suggests to him – even that which he has just asked for.  This is how seriously he is taking his artistic craft – even when he really does want it, he still manages an emphatic,”NO!”

Sometimes, however, as any good actor must do, he changes his pitch or will even lengthen the one syllable word so that it stretches on and on to a whiny diatribe of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo!”  This one may or may not end as emphatically.  Sometimes it dies out to not much more than a whisper, but only because he’s gearing up (and catching his breath) for an encore performance.

Other times, he tricks me into thinking that he is actually listening to my logical explanation of why something is this or that by being very, very quiet – some might even say submissive or attentive, but then as if every word of pure logic has literally gone through one ear and out the other, he takes a deep breath, looks me square in the eye (as any serious actor trying to get his point across should) and says, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!”

Time for a time out my little actor.  And, for Mommy (and Daddy), we’ll be in our own little time out spot – ours has wine and candles and mood altering soothing music, and in my mind I hear the Mom in the Calgon commercial saying “take me away” and I smile because I SOOOOO get it now;)

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