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I’ve seen a lot of cute candy/sweets tables at parties with little jugs of milk lately and thought it would be cute to create a label or wrapper for them.  Then, I thought of my Halloween party where I served cookies & milk, but I served the milk in clear plastic cups (because I couldn’t find those cute milk jugs in time) and THEN I thought of the paper cups that were used for the same party for the hot cider and I thought to myself, “self, wouldn’t it have been kinda cute to have had “Hot’ and ‘Cold’ drink wrappers for those cups”.  And, so I continued to think and to talk to myself as I often do and thought how those little milk jugs looks old timey that they would surely need a little old timey retro wrapper and that same wrapper would, should and could be used on paper cups, or sippy cups (you know the kind that we adults take in our car), or even to just wrap around a regular cup at home because pretty things can make your day that much better. 

Soooo, I created these ‘Old Timey Retro Hot & Cold Drink Wrappers”.  Please forgive my picture taking skills – I suck.  I mean it, I know it, I can’t seem to fix it – I absolutely do not have the eye or skill or capabilities to take a decent picture.  I’ve read all about lighting and light boxes, aperature (which I still don’t fully get), zooming, not zooming and the only thing I’ve really fully comprehended to not ever, ever, under any circumstances use my flash for product picture taking.  Needless to say, the picture below shows just how bad I am with pictures.  But, I digress, if you can still see the cuteness of these printables through the horror of my picture taking skills, then once you’ve downloaded the file, all you need to do is…print onto cardstock, cut along the lines, fold/bend together and tape.  I’ve found that it’s best to wrap it around the cup you’re using first because cups come in all different sizes and while this printable isn’t totally all-purpose, it can fit a lot of different sizes, you just may have to wrap it more on some and less on others.

Remember, we love to see pictures of your parties using our printables, so please send them in;)  My guess is that your pictures will be much nicer than mine.

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