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You know what money saving design tenet I love the most?  Use What You Have.  It’s amazing what you can make with what you already own.  Yes, I’m a soap box standing eco-lover, so the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) are already close to my heart, but let’s face it saving money is fun too.  I love to watch design and party shows where the designers (think David Tutera) go through the house and pull out all sorts of weird junk that could potentially be used and then create some magnificent piece of better junk, er, I mean magnificent piece of art with said original junk.

Now, this next post doesn’t necessarily use junk.  I probably shouldn’t even have gone that semantic route.  The point is this Easter Centerpiece’s entire point is to use as much of what you already have on hand – junk or not.

Here is the cute picture from A Soft Place To Land (click the link to learn how its made):


Here are some of our own ideas on how you might want be able to utilize items from your own home:

  • Use leftover glass jars (like spaghetti sauce) to create little terrarium type arrangements – fill with rocks and dirt and moss and top with whatever plants you have in your yard that you can stuff in and let flow over
  • Hide a few of the Easter eggs in it and tell the kids the Easter bunny must have left the eggs for them for dessert
  • Don’t bother with a bucket at all – buy wheatgrass (I know it’s something you have to buy unless you’re one of those people who actually keep wheatgrass in their home), cover the ugly black tray that it comes in with material, or take it out of the tray completely and lay it directly on your table (yes, it will get dirt on your table, but you just wipe it up) and then add all your extra little bits – plants, egg laying bunnies, eggs laid by said bunny…

Anywho, those are just a few ideas.  Read more at A Soft Place to Land to get more ideas and learn how to make your very own Easter Centerpiece.

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