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Oh, my love for Mason jars knows no bounds.  I’m pretty sure they can make anything look cute and quaint. 

We live in a craftsman house.  Let me explain what that means when someone tells you they live in a craftsman house.  You know how when you go to buy a house and you read the little description that the realtor wrote to make the house sound just as perfect as it possibly can with creative use of words?  The one word that is almost always used to a decribe a craftsman is…COZY.  Cozy is code for small. 

My closets are the coziest closets you have ever seen!  My bathroom…also incredibly cozy.  It has what every tried and true craftsman owner wants – a beautiful clawfoot tub, a pedestal sink and a vintage (looking) toilet…and that’s about it!  There was no cupboard when we moved in, no medicine cabinet – nada!  Where on earth does a modern woman put all her,well STUFF?

I have over the years, found several creative ways in which to store said stuff.  I bought a medicine cabinet to start with, utilized a shelf type cabinet (w/doors, must have doors to hide ugly items) that was supposed to go in a bedroom, and found a terribly ugly pepto bismol pink Louis IXV type set of small drawers that I sanded down, changed hardware, stained, and ripped the front off two of the drawers to house all the other STUFF. 

However, this little project I found at the Liz Marie Blog may have to find its way into my bathroom.  There is always more stuff to store and mason jars are my weakness.  To read the tutorial at Liz Marie, click here.

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