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I have two fairly kooky cats. For some, the word cat is the very definition of kooky. I sometimes think those people are quite right. I had originally intended for my cats to be indoor cats. They quickly, swiftly and without hesitation changed my mind. My newly reupholstered leather chairs will never be the same. Neither will our leather massage chair. So, out the cats went – happy as can be. And, I let the massage chair relax me so I don’t have to look at it. In the end though, I love them cats. They are cute and (sometimes) cuddly and provide me with hours of entertainment. My Mom, being a cat lover too (and finding herself newly without a cat) decided to repay my cats for their entertainment value by giving them something they would enjoy and would provide even more hours of entertainment. Enter, the catnip toy. First, a couple pictures.

Here is my cat, Posh when first given her new toy:


Crazed Catnip Posh

And, here she is after about 10 minutes of biting, rubbing, throwing, rolling and generally ‘killing’ the catnip mouse – I’m pretty sure she’s feeling quite groovy: 

Groovy Catnip Posh


So, if you would also like to provide your cat and yourself with some entertainment and general grooviness, here is how it’s done: 

  • Scraps of material
  • Scrap of red felt
  • 4″ Red Ribbon
  • Catnip
  • Funnel
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine or sew by hand
  1. Fold a scrap of doubled material in half and draw half of a pear shape oval onto your material at the fold.
  2. Cut shapes out, 1/2″ from lines, with material still folded in half. (You should have 2 pieces)
  3. Cut a 4″ piece of ribbon and tie a knot on one end.
  4. Cut 1 triangle piece of felt, the width of the tip of your material. 
  5. Sew the felt onto the tip of the fabric.
  6. Sew the ribbon to the material, opposite end from the felt, laying the ribbon on the right side of material, from tip to end. Knot at nose end.
  7. With wrong sides together, sew fabric all the way around, leaving a 1″ opening to put catnip in.
  8. Turn right side out and push tip of nose out with a pen from inside of material.
  9. Place funnel into opening and pour catnip inside of mouse.
  10. Turn under material and sew closed.
Tip: Your mouse can be any size you wish, but make sure the tail is as long as your finished mouse.
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