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Sorry, I’ve been so absent lately – we were robbed and with that, they took my laptop.  Which means I have a lot of work to re-create for my etsy store which is now in ‘vacation mode’.  I, however, am not in vacation mode.  I am taking a little break though, to be in party mode or rather, in celebration and memory of those who have fought for us, we really should all get together and celebrate and remember together – mode.

In honor of Memorial Day, we are throwing a front yard porch party.  For one thing, we have a great front porch and front yard – complete with a few wine vines.  For another, we have great neighbors that we would love see just stop by for food and drink.  And, finally and last but most certainly not least -we have backyard chickens.  Which means we barely have a backyard.  In fact, it is pretty much a chicken poop filled yard.  We are hoping for great compost soon.  But, I digress.  We’re talking about crafts and printables and whatnot, so let’s get to it.  For this year’s party, I created these cute little Memorial Day printable tent cards and water bottle labels you can use for your own party.  AND, I made these cute little ‘lid topper’ thingys for my mason jars that will hold the adult’s bourbon slush punch.  They are sooooo easy to make.  No, they won’t prevent spillage, but neither does a normal, boring old glass, so this is really just for cute factor.


So, you want to know how to make these cool little lids?  It’s easy:
1) Go to your local craft store and buy the thickest card stock they have.  Vinyl is best, but Michaels didn’t have any clear or colored vinyl for me.  Purchase a star craft punch if you don’t already own one.  Buy mason jar size of your choice from your local restaurant supply or grocery store.  Purchase fun straws.
2) Take your purchases home.  Remove the lids from the screw top of the mason jar and use as a measuring tool.  I tried my two circle punches, but neither was the right size – perhaps you will get lucky.  I used pint size mason jars.  Measure lid size on cardstock and cut out.  Punch the star in the circle, put cardstock in screw top and screw onto jar.  Add straws.   Whallah – fini.  Easy peasy – no?

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