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The way I used to cook a steak before stashing away this little chart ages ago, was I would cut into everyone’s steak every once in awhile to see if it was done.  Now, I know this is done often enough, but it’s not so fun putting a pretty steak on someone’s plate all cut up like they were your 5 year old.  So, a long time ago, I found a steak cooking chart and put on an Excel spreadsheet (because, yes, I am OCD like that).  Today, as I was going through too many files to ever actually be as organized as my OCD would like, I found my steak cooking chart.  **Note to self: print steak cooking chart, laminate and post on inside of spice cupboard.**

Because I like to share, I shall share with you my steak cooking chart below (you can download it too through this link for cleaner, easier & prettier printing).

    Hot Charcoal or Gas Grill Preheated Oven Broiler 2-3″ from heat
Thickness Doneness First Side After Turning First Side After Turning
  Rare 4 Minutes 2 Minutes 5 Minutes 4 Minutes
3/4″ Medium 5 Minutes 3 Minutes 7 Minutes 5 Minutes
  Well 7 Minutes 5 Minutes 10 Minutes 8 Minutes
  Rare 5 Minutes 3 Minutes 6 Minutes 5 Minutes
1″ Medium 6 Minutes 4 Minutes 8 Minutes 6 Minutes
  Well 8 Minutes 6 Minutes 11 Minutes 9 Minutes
  Rare 5 Minutes 4 Minutes 7 Minutes 5 Minutes
1 1/4″ Medium 7 Minutes 5 Minutes 8 Minutes 7 Minutes
  Well 9 Minutes 7 Minutes 12 Minutes 10 Minutes
  Rare 6 Minutes 4 Minutes 7 Minutes 6 Minutes
1 1/2″ Medium 7 Minutes 6 Minutes 9 Minutes 7 Minutes
  Well 10 Minutes 8 Minutes 13 Minutes 11 Minutes
  Rare 7 Minutes 5 Minutes 8 Minutes 7 Minutes
1 3/4″ Medium 8 Minutes 7 Minutes 9 Minutes 8 Minutes
  Well 11 Minutes 9 Minutes 14 Minutes 12 Minutes

 Enjoy your summer BBQ’S!

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