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My husband dreams of living on a vineyard either overlooking or being quite near the ocean.  My husband decided to stop dreaming and planted a very mini-vineyard in our front yard.  This gives him the opportunity to learn a bit about the wine making process while living out a tiny portion of his retirement dream prior to retirement. 

I dream of living on a large farm somehow overlooking or being quite near the ocean.  One can dream.  In the meantime, we love our urban neighborhood with Craftsman and Spanish style homes.  We are a bunch of artsy urbanites, many of us are the result of hippie ‘love’ parents and the majority of us are ‘eco’, ‘green’, organic loving, farmers market attending, CSA purchasing, community garden creating types.  So, as far as dreaming of a farm and making it a tiny reality in an urban setting – I’m in the right spot.

My husband has his 4 vine organic vineyard in our low water usage front yard.  And, I have…chickens and a little garden in the backyard.  It’s not much of a backyard – our grass died when we turned off the water to re-landscape the front yard.  But, no grass meant the place was really looking farm-like – sort of.  We built the coop with a mini garden roof.  That thing that looks like a mini tree?  That’s basil that I managed to keep alive for two seasons – go me!  My brown thumb is getting greener by the day, as evidenced by our lush garden after only a couple of weeks of planting.

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