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Wait a minute, how can I call myself an urban farmer – I just realized I might not know if a cucumber is a fruit or a vegetable. I mean, I always thought of it as a vegetable, but isn’t the rule if it has seeds, it’s a fruit? Cukes definitely have seeds. Well, that’s something to add to my long list of internet research. Doesn’t matter for this post though because what I really want to share is this…

We went from THIS on August 1st:

Cucumbers, Eggplant, Watermelon, Squash, Corn & more

To THIS on August 9th:

That’s right, that’s our very first harvest of cucumbers. Well, technically, it’s our very first harvest from our garden at all.   Okay, so we didn’t grow the eggs, but the chickens are finally laying again.  Looking at the garden on August 1st, I had no idea how soon those little cucumbers would be full grown adults.  I went out to water yesterday and was admiring the little cucumbers that were still growing, when I noticed a big one, a really big fat one. EEEK, OH LOOK AT THAT! I screamed at the chickens who came running thinking they were finally going to get something out of that garden of green. I raced over and got my gardening gloves (because sadly everything makes me itchy), broke through the poultry netting and went to pick the cucumber when, lo and behold, what did I find? I plethora, that’s right a PLETHORA of large cucumbers. They were everywhere. I kept calling my 4 year old son to come out and look, but he was too busy playing in his room to be excited over cucumbers. I ran right into the house and started making this:

That is a cucumber, avocado and tomato salad with a sprinkling of Himalayan Salt and White Wine Vinegar. I don’t understand the fancy salt, but my Fella loves it, so I just go along with it and to be honest it is really yummy.

That’s right, I’m a farmer, oh yeah, an urban farmer, uh huh.

Yeah, I did a little giggly dance, what of it?  Bon apetite mon amis:)

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