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LifEvents® annual Halloween party is legendary.  Well, among us and our friends it feels that way;)  We don’t throw a Christmas party, nope, we throw a Halloween party.  Let’s just say that my Mom and I (the LifEvents® Designers) love to go all out and throw a rockin’, decked out shindig for Halloween.  My Mom has always wanted to throw an Alice In Wonderland themed party or wedding, so this year, that is exactly what we did.  We built giant mushrooms, giant cards, a ‘rabbit hole’ tunnel complete with a scary jabberwokie, we built a scary tree where the Cheshire cat sat grinning at the guests as came through the rabbit hole.  We built topsy turvy teacup centerpieces, decorated a canopy with so much stuff we were surely all Mad as any Mad Hatter could be.  We draped the backyard in garlands and built a castle wall to cover the garden.  The Queen (that was me) had her own Queenly chair (that we built of course – well we decorated an already cool chair) and to top it all off, we cleared out our living room and dining room for all our little munchkins (wait, that’s a different movie) to romp, and play, and swordfight.  We put up a tent in the living room, added a mini trampoline, lots of healthy snacks, Halloween games like a ghostly ‘dart’ board (purchased at, a spider ring toss and a craft table to end all craft tables.  Well, not really, but it was a cool craft table with mask making stuff, and glow in the dark wrist band making stuff, coloring books and the like.  All stuff that did not require – glue, staples, or anything that could ruin or harm children or furniture.  To top it all off, we did the smartest thing we’ve ever done at any of our parties.  We hired a babysitter.  There were A LOT of kids.  Her job wasn’t so much to entertain.  Her job was to make sure everyone was safe and everyone was well behaved.  And quarantined.  That is, they weren’t allowed to go playing in all rooms of the house, just the main rooms.  We served Mad Hatter Tea (alcoholic – basically a Long Island Iced Tea) and Flamingo Punch (Cherry vodka, lemonade & grenadine) as well as tarts and petit fours and tea sandwiches.  All other food was potluck.  For the kids, we supplied water in cups with straws, juice boxes (no HFCS), dried fruit, crackers, fruit squeeze, fruit leather & other fun snacks and one really cool set of parents brought in a pizza for the kids.

So, ready for the pictures?  Of course you are.  Have questions?  Please ask.  We built most everything.  We bought stuff online at places like,, and everything else we either had or scrounged in our alleyways and thrift stores in order to build it.  BUT, if there is something specific you’d like to know about, please ask.  Hint:  the mushrooms were made out of umbrellas (we knew you’d ask about that).  Here goes – enjoy!





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