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So awhile back I tried a 3 day detox juice cleanse from Detox Lounge here in San Diego.  First, I’ll say that the juices themselves tasted good.  That is the number one, most important thing for me if I’m going to eat, er drink nothing but juice for three days.  There’s plenty of information out there about the taste of these drinks and how it made most people feel, so I’m not going to go on and on about it (I don’t think), but suffice it to say, I did it.  Which was a miracle in and of itself.  I am, er, um, hmmm, well, a fairly ‘regular’ person as it is, so I didn’t notice any major weight loss or anything.  I was only drinking 500 calories for three days, so there was some and I did look better in my bathing suit that weekend, but nothing sustainable or amazing.  It was only three days.  It was good for me, but not good enough for me to spend the money again.  For other people, perhaps they would have better results.  I do suggest trying it for yourself.

This, however, does not put me off of juicing entirely.  I think that done correctly, you have a chance to really give your body some great nutrients and a good cleanse.  We own a vitamix blender.  This blender is THE BOMB DIGGITY!  It’s one of those you see at jamba juice (only ours isn’t the commercial one) or at the fair where so weirdo is showing you how it can grind up a cell phone.  There are times when that sounds good to me, but no, I do not use my blender for grinding my cell phone.  It does show how great it can grind, pulverize and turn just about anything into liquid or powder, so we love it.

This flu season is kicking everyone’s butt.  Both my husband and I just got done with a yucky cold that we don’t want to repeat, so I bought a bunch of veges and fruit this weekend so we can juice in the morning.  Some will be likely be more successful than others.  Yesterdays for example was a little like drinking tart grass – not something I couldn’t choke down, but something I definitely needed to improve upon.  My husband has a good recipe, but it’s a major ordeal (all cooking is a major ordeal for him), so I needed to be able to just throw a bunch of crap together, blend it and drink it in a matter of minutes.  So, here it goes, our week(s) of juicing.

Day 1:  kale, spinach, chard, whole lemon peeled, 1 green apple, 2 carrots, chunk of ginger, a dollop of apple juice.  Blend.  Tastes like:  tart grass.  not bad, not great.

Day 2:  kale, one small red apple, one carrot, larger chunk of ginger, some frozen pineapple, half of a lemon with peel, dollop of apple juice.  blend.  Taste like:  better, the pineapple and larger chunk of ginger helped, but I can taste the bitterness of the lemon peel.  Tomorrow, I will try a bit more greens, and no lemon peel.

I’ll keep you posted.

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