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We’re going camping on Thursday.  I realize that means that the majority of the week we’re at home, but what you don’t realize is the level of organization and preparing I go through before camping.  I’m not so much setting up a campsite as I am a mini outdoor apartment.  The food is always pre-planned and every year I have this idea that I’m going to be super prepared and cook stuff ahead of time and freeze it so it will be SOOOO easy while camping.  Every year, I fail miserably at this plan.  Every year, that is, except this year!  This year (last weekend to be specific) I spent the whole weekend prepping, freezing, prepping, freezing…you get the idea.  I marinated and froze bbq chicken, prepared and froze cornbread, french bread, meatballs, pizza rolls, salsa, sangria (yes, sangria can be made ahead and frozen – just add the fruit later.  Best tip I’ve learned in ages), cheese and fruit.  Tomorrow, I plan on cutting, dicing, and slicing all the veggies so making breakfast and other items will be a snap.  It’s okay, you can call me crazy, all my friends do.  But, whose campsite do you think everyone will want to hang at hmmm?  Anywho, without further ado, here is this week’s (Camping) Menu.

oh, and yes, on Friday, I forgot to add the yummy pre-made garlic bread – cut lengthwise, mix together your ingredients.  I use real salted butter, a couple of cloves of garlic pressed, italian seasoning, a touch of garlic powder and parmesan cheese.  Spread that all over the bread.  Then I very thinly slice (using my Pampered Chef garlic slicer that slices garlic paper thin) garlic on top of each slice.  Put bread back together, wrap in foil and put on hot coals or bbq when ready to heat up.

Bon Apetite!

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