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I’m a Mom and I work full-time in an office.  For me, this means I want to:

  • Be fashionable.  I actually went to design school, so fashion, design, party planning…it’s always there, lurking, reminding me of who I am, reminding me that I can be creative.
  • Be comfortable.  I’m a Mom so comfort is a requirement – we need to move fast.  I type all day and I need to be able to move around and not feel constricted while doing my job.  Oh, and it’s a high rise, so the temperature can vary from arctic freezing to Death Valley hot.  Layering is a must.
  • Be (a little) professional.  I live in San Diego.  To us, jeans and a nice blouse is fancy.  Seriously, I’ve seen people go to the opera wearing jeans and a nice blouse.  Plus, I don’t see clients.  I work up high, and rarely come out of my little cubby.  So, you see, professional is a relative term.  For us, here, ‘a little’ professional is totally okay.
  • Be myself.  I am a tattooed, pierced 43 year old Mom who still thinks she’s hip.  So, I want to be able to have my clothes communicate a bit of who I am while still managing to accomplish the bullet points listed above.

So, I’ve decided to share with all of you, my Daily Wear this week.  I do hope I can manage to remember to do this.  Today, I took the pictures in my work bathroom at about 4:00 in the afternoon (pay no attention to that hairstyle – it looked way cuter in the morning) so that’s how casual we’re going to roll here.  No professional shots, not even always (maybe sometimes) having someone else take the pictures.  Just me and the full length mirror.

Today, 9.24.13 = Grey skinny pants (not jeans because I can only wear jeans at work on Fridays and these are NOT denim), a black v-neck and v-back blouse with buttons down one sleeve, a cotton ‘Moto’ jacket and my Teva heels (I have foot issues, so forgive the fact that none of the shoes will be super fabulous.  They HAVE to be comfortable above all else).


And, yes, that is my back-side.  I cannot BELIEVE I put in a picture of my bum!



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