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Guest Post by: Emily.  Emily is a content creator who loves to write about wellness, fashion and beauty! She loves keeping up with current health trends! When she’s not writing– reading, hiking and drinking green smoothies are her go-to’s!

Your wedding day should be one of the most special and memorable days of your entire life. It’s a life step that is meaningful; bringing family, friends and other loved ones together to celebrate a strong bond between two people. With all of the planning and preparing that comes along with the big day, you’d think that common mishaps would be slim to none. But, not even the most intricate wedding checklist can prepare you for some of the worst wedding disasters (sorry ladies!). The crazy thing is, a lot of wedding mistakes involve elements that aren’t even mentioned by planners— makeup sweating off, bras coming unclasped, hairstyles coming undone, the list can go on and on. The great news is that these are all preventable, and with the proper preparation, you’ll be on the right path to looking and feeling your best with these important investments:

A comfortable pair of shoes:

Usually jeweled, sparkled or strappy high heels are a part of the classic wedding look. They might look fabulous, but do they feel fabulous? I think not. Investing in a comfortable pair of shoes for your wedding day is the ultimate savior for foot pain, blisters or any discomfort for that matter. If you’re dedicated to wearing heels, many brands create styles with extra cushion and comfort, but tend to be more expensive. If your wedding dress covers your feet, I recommend wearing a slip-on sneaker or sandal to lower your chances of getting a bad blister.

Oil blotters & makeup setting spray:

Let’s look into the future— your makeup artist has created the most stunning look for the big day. Your eyeshadow is just how you want it, and your lip color is total perfection. You are now at your reception dancing the night away and all of a sudden— you start to sweat from all the fun. With the proper preparation, there is no need to fear a cosmetic catastrophe. Oil blotting sheets and a makeup setting spray are great products that can solve a problem like this in no time.

Quality undergarments:

As a bride, there is not a doubt that you’ll want to enjoy every wedding day moment. In order to experience the bliss, comfortability must be a priority. The surface look, as I call it, includes your wedding dress, makeup and hair (all of the bridal elements that are significant to your appearance), but something that can very easily destroy this charisma is the wrong undergarments. To be as comfortable as possible, look for a soft and properly fitted bra and the proper underwear to avoid a see through disaster.

A jewelry cleaner:

This investment certainly isn’t a major requirement, but if you want your ring looking shinier than ever, I highly recommend a good jewelry cleaner! It can be purchased at your local drugstore, and while you’re there, grab a soft bristle toothbrush too! It makes for the perfect scrubber in removing any unwanted jewelry grime. Feel free to clean your other statement pieces as well, such as any necklace and/or earrings that you may plan on wearing.

A manicure & pedicure:

Chipped or un-pampered nails at a wedding is definitely a major no-no. With photos being taken and guests wanting to look at your ring throughout the event, it is crucial to have a fresh set of polish on your nails to complete your overall look. Schedule an appointment two days before the wedding to ensure you will have enough time to attend it. Booking this in advance can be beneficial in case you have to cancel or reschedule.  I highly recommend gel manicures and pedicures, they are less harsh on your nails than acrylic, but just as durable and can be done over natural nails – they will last a good 3 weeks, so you can go from wedding to honeymoon and back with your nails looking fabulous.


This certainly isn’t a must, but adding a little bit of color to your skin can give your body a sun-kissed glow without having to lay in the sun. When using a self-tanning mousse or cream, make sure to use a tanning mitt for an even and smooth application. Without it, your hands can soak in the color (not good!).  If a do-it-yourself tan isn’t your cup of tea, look for places that do spray tans by hand (not the kind that you step into a machine), where the person will airbrush the tan onto your skin and can adjust the color to your liking.

Hope this helps– and if you’re an almost bride to be, best wishes and have fun on your wedding day! For other wedding related articles from YourLifEvents, click here!

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