{Weddings/Parties/Nesting} Centerpiece: Inside Out Tulip Bouquet
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Yes, that’s right, an inside out tulip! Just by taking the petals of a tulip and inverting them, you get a totally new look for a tulip bouquet. Your friends will wonder what kind of flower it is and when you tell them a tulip, they will have a hard time believing you. Carefully take Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

Weddings:  Yellow Flowers - Is the One You Want Available?
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YLE has gathered together some of the top yellow flowers used for weddings and included their availability so you can better plan for your own wedding. 1.  Chrysanthemum:  Available year-round.  Colors-White, Purple, Yellow, Bronze and Dyed.  Characteristics-Single composite flower 3-8″ across with abundant tubular petals on an 18-36″ stem.  Lasting quality-7-14 days.  Meaning-Hope; Cheerfulness; Rest; Optimism; Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

Groom's Boutonniere - Not Your Same Ol' Rose
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On his wedding day a Groom will likely be wearing a boutonniere.  This small grouping of flowers has often been a single rose to match the Bride’s bouquet with simple greenery, however, we are finding more and more (to our liking) that the Groom’s boutonniere is becoming more unique and creative in it’s design.  Florists are Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Weddings} Fab Flowers: What Time of Year Are Your Flowers Available?
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  Nowadays, you can obtain just about any flower you want for your wedding if you have a big enough pocket book.  Tulips in June or July?  Sure, if you fly them in from Holland.  But, to save money, you’ll want to choose flowers that are in season.  Here’s a quick list of 3 of the Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Weddings} Fab Flowers: Pink Wedding? Check out or Pink Flower List
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Pink flowers for your wedding. Are you having a pink wedding?  Do you need some ideas for pink flowers?  We’re here to help.  I’ve listed below a slew of flowers that come in the color pink.  Do a Google image search for any we haven’t posted.  Want to know the best month’s available for a Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Weddings} DIY Centerpiece: Fall Centerpiece That Lasts
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I’m not usually a proponent of silk flowers, but there are a few that work.  And, let’s face it, as with all technology, fake flowers are getting better and better.  Two types that we don’t mind incorporating are Orchids and Hydrangeas.  In the do-it-yourself centerpiece below, we used fall colored silk hydrangeas. What you need: short square Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Weddings} Wedding Colors: How to Choose Your Colors Like a Pro
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As an interior designer and lover of all things fashion, decor and design, color holds a special place in my heart.  At school, I took extra classes in color theory loving the ‘science’ behind color as much as the pure design esthetic.  I am often asked how one can choose the right colors for their Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Weddings} Fall In Love With Your Fall Wedding
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The feel of a fall inspired wedding is that of comfort and warmth.  Think about the holidays during this time – Halloween, Thanksgiving – both holidays make us think of things like warm apple cider, family gatherings, comfort food and the inviting smells of home-cooked meals.  To begin your inspiration for your fall themed wedding, Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Weddings/Parties} Do It Yourself Floral Design
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  We love finding new fab products for our brides, but we love it even more when they find us!  Check out FlowerDIYvas Floral Design to help you decide if you should be DIY’ing your own florals for your wedding and if so, how to do it right! FlowerDIYvas is the newest tool for wedding Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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