{Feast} Thai Chicken Coconut Soup
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“T.v.” dinner…Thai chicken coconut soup, salad with Thai dressing and a Viognier. So, I think I need to do this from memory, it’s been a minute since I made this soup and I likely just threw a bunch of stuff I had in the fridge together that reminded me of the yummy Tom Kha Gai Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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We’re going camping on Thursday.  I realize that means that the majority of the week we’re at home, but what you don’t realize is the level of organization and preparing I go through before camping.  I’m not so much setting up a campsite as I am a mini outdoor apartment.  The food is always pre-planned Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{DIY Daily} Free Holiday Spirits Bottle Label Printable
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I just created this holiday spirits bottle label to use for the many bottles of wine & champage I give during the holiday season.  I wanted to add my own little touch of vintage pop and thought I’d share with all of you too – because it’s always fun to share;)  To receive your free Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Sip} A Good Swirl - Wine Tip & Video
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A Good Swirl Swirling wine helps to release all its complex perfumes. If you have a good glass, swirling is easy, especially once you get the hang of it. Check out this short video from our friends at Snooth.com for a tip to get you started.  Please note, this is not a professionally edited video, Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Parties} Front Yard Entertaining
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As I’ve said before (ad nauseum) our neighborhood is very social.  We are often in our front yards talking and letting our kids play – it was a main reason we chose where we live.  In that same vain, it was important for me that we buy a house with a front porch, I just Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Sip} Wine 101:  Decanting - Because You're Worth It
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We love finding new blogs to feature and we LOOOOOVE wine, so when my husband forwarded me this blog, Snooth.com that is all about wine (and recently about spirits too), I just knew I would enjoy it. Today’s ezine article from Snooth is about decanting your wine.  My husband and I recently bought a really Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

{Feast & Sip} Red Wine Pairings with Fish
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My husband has started his own urban vineyard in our front yard.  It is a very exciting prospect as we both love wine and vineyards and are having our front yard re-landscaped to accomodate this new look.  Our neighbors who don’t know what’s going on probably think we’re just planting sticks in a mound, but Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

Sip:  Wine Snob or Wine Geek?  Let's talk about LEGS
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My friend Patrick Bartlett (I call him a friend even though we’ve only technically met once, but immediately fell madly in friend with each other – well I did anyway) is my resident ‘wine go-to guy’.  Patrick’s blog, Disogno is chalk full of info, wisdom and wit as it relates to wine and food.  Recently, I Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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Our friends at The Wine Club sent us a wee bit of fun information that we thought our readers would like to have handy as well. First, seriously there’s a wine bottle big enough to hold 20 bottles of wine?  Where have you been all my life? FUN WINE FACTS How big can a wine Click Here to Continue Reading This Article […]

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